In the news: declining insect population

The global insect population is in crisis, as reported in the news this week. In case you missed this, these are the key points:

  • More than 40% of insect species are declining and a third are endangered.
  • Research suggests that we could lose our insects within a century.
  • The main cause of the decline is “agricultural intensification” – i.e the number of big, bare fields that a) remove natural vegetation like trees, shrubs and wildflowers (and we would also like to add that the volume of new housing estates can’t be helping this either!) and b) are treated with pesticides.
  • .The loss of insects means the whole food chain gets damaged.
  • Unless we change the way we produce our food, we are likely to see the extinction of many insects within a few decades.

So, we’re going to just make our point very quickly. The more people start growing their own veg, herbs and fruit (and doing so without resorting to pesticides), the better.

We want to grow more veg, sell more veg and help more and more people to grow veg in their gardens, in pots on their patios, in their allotments and on their balconies. We want to get more people using companion plants, and adding extra herbs to their gardens. We want to show people how to grow veg without using slug pellets, or pesticide sprays. We want your plots to be bursting with life!

If you’re a fan of Rocket Gardens, why not tell a friend or two, or give a few plants away this spring to help get somebody else hooked on growing their own.