Not ready to plant?

If you receive your plants before you are ready to plant, then don’t panic. We have a solution for you! Simply unpack your plants carefully and soak their roots in a shallow container of water for a few minutes. You can do this by carefully placing all the seedlings/bare-rooted plants in a long, shallow container all at the same time, ensuring that the water covers the root ball but being careful not to drown any foliage/stems!

While they are soaking, cut open a bag of compost or a grow bag – you want to have the compost bag lying flat on the ground and be sure to cut right the way along the top length of the bag expose the compost. Alternatively, fill an old crate or box (like the one we have pictured here) with compost/loose soil.

Now, simply plug your plants in so that the root ball is loosely covered with compost, with the plant at a slight angle (not fully upright). Then you can leave this in a sheltered spot (ideally in a slightly shady spot to prevent the plants from trying to grow too quickly) until you are ready to plant them in their final positions.