Perfect for small spaces

You don’t need a huge garden or loads of raised beds to grow your own over the next few months. You can grow plenty in just a few pots or planters. You’ll be surprised at how much you can harvest. Here are some ideas:

Winter Salad Planter

We send you everything you need – the planter, the compost, the plants. Pop the planter on your patio or balcony, and plant up your healthy cut & come again salad leaves to use right through autumn and winter. It hardly takes up any space at all and is incredibly easy to maintain.

Urban Veg Patch

Urban Autumn Veg Patch

This collection of plug plants has been cleverly put together to take up minimal space in the garden. It’s a great choice or town or city gardens where you may have a small raised bed or a border as well as space for a grow bag or some pots.

Autumn Winter Patio Container Garden

Container Garden Veg Patch

You only need 10-15 medium sized pots to grow this incredible selection of autumn veggies. Or you could use 2 or 3 grow bags. Amazingly simple and even more amazingly productive!

Family Favourites Veg Patch (Autumn)

Choose your own plants

There are loads of plants that do really well in pots and containers, so just pick your faves for autumn. We can highly recommend Spring Onions, Wild Rocket, Land Cress and Corn Salad for growing in pots…all of which are great for healthy salads!