Pigeon Pecked – Diary of a Rocket Gardener

As I spent Saturday afternoon at a wedding reception enjoying the sunshine with a glass or five of champagne, my brassicas became the victims of multiple pigeon attacks. They are a sorry sight now, and there’s not much hope for them.

This is my once handsome purple sprouting broccoli, in a before and after shot…

purple sprouting broccoli peckedbypigeons

Depressing. I don’t think I’ll be getting much broccoli out of him now.

How do I know it was a pigeon and not a slug, snail or caterpillar? Well, firstly, there’s not a slime trail in sight so it’s doubtful that we have a slug or snail at work here. Secondly, the way the leaves are eaten with the stalks and veins remaining is a bit of a tell-tale sign of pigeon activity. Thirdly, there were little bits of torn leaves lying nearby – another classic pigeon trait. Fourthly and finally, there was a suspicious amount of pigeon poo in the raised bed. It’s undeniable….Mr Pigeon, I find you GUILTY!

Learnings? Next time, I’ll be putting netting over my brassicas.