Plant like a pro

Planting your Rocket Gardens seedlings when they arrive is a very straightforward process and if you follow these simple steps your plants will be off to a flying start.

  1. Make sure the bed or pot is weed free and that the soil is nice and loose (you may need to dig it over a little if it’s become clumpy or solid).
  2. Check the spacing required by the plant (you’ll find this in the growing guide that comes with your plants). This is important because you need to give the plants enough space for water, nutrients and sunlight and to help avoid common diseases.
  3. Using a trowel, dig a hole that is a little bigger than the roots of the plant. (If you’re growing in beds rather than in pots and you haven’t already dug loads of organic matter into the soil, then make the hole a little larger and add a generous scoop of compost.)
  4. At this stage it is really good to pop in a handful of wormcast fertiliser – this will release nutrients slowly over several months keeping your plants well nourished.
  5. Carefully put the plant in the hole. You want to make sure that the top of the root ball is just at surface level, leaving the stem and leaves standing upright above the ground.
  6. Sprinkle a good glug of water into the hole using a watering can and then fill in the hole with soil. Make sure the roots are covered.
  7. Gently pat down the soil around the base of the plant to firm in the soil. This helps the plant to stand upright and put its roots down.