Planting ideas for the summer ahead

As well as planting up now, it’s also worth thinking about planting a few extras later on in late June and July – this little guide will give you an idea of what to plant so that you can get your summer order in over the next few weeks.

Plant Now to Mid June:
Pretty much everything! We are shipping quite quickly now and expect to send any existing orders within the next week to 10 days, so if you haven’t yet received your plants, hang tight, they will be on the way very soon…

Plant Late June: 
Any leafy crops like spinach, chard, salads will do well planted in late June. It’s also a good time to get baby sweetcorn planted, and other space-saving veggies like spring onions, carrots, beetroot, and leeks can be used to plug any gaps that come up when you harvest potatoes and other crops. It’s a good time to get dwarf beans and peas on the go as well – they will grow quickly and give you a good crop. If you have a greenhouse, chillies, peppers and tomatoes (especially bush varieties) should still give you a harvest towards the end of summer/early autumn. All brassicas can be planted now too.

Plant July:
This is a great time for getting brassicas in the ground – especially kale. Planted now, it should give you a good crop through the winter months. Cabbages, cauliflower, broccoli too, and hopefully you’ll be able to enjoy them at Christmas if it is mild. Don’t forget the sprouts. This is probably the last opportunity to plant a few extra carrots and beetroots, and you could plant leeks now too for baby leeks in the autumn. You can happily plant salad leaves and spinach/chard now too.