Planting plugs in hot or dry weather

It can be difficult to get plants off to a good start when the soil is very dry and the weather is hot. Now that we’re seeing a few more days like this, here’s a way of planting that will really help.

First, dig the hole – use a trowel or dibber to make the hole a little bigger than the rootball.

Then, use a watering can to fill the hole with water – if the soil is very dry it will just sit there for a while until it begins to soak in. Once it is more or less soaked in, pop the plug plant in place.

Give it another glug of water, and then fill the hole with compost/soil and firm in.

Doing this ensures that there is plenty of water below soil level so that the plug plants can start sending down their roots and access water easily. It also helps in that the next time you water the plugs, the water will soak in a little more easily at the base of the plants, ensuring that the roots don’t dry out.

We’d recommend watering thoroughly at least every other day for the first couple of weeks.