Planting Strawberry Runners in Winter

With a set of ten strawberry runners to plant up over the winter months, it can be quick and easy to get a strawberry patch on the go for next summer. The key lies in washing and soaking the roots and then planting them as soon as possible once they arrive.

When they arrive

Dug from the ground and shipped in winter, the strawberry runners don’t look like much when they arrive, but come spring they will perk up and produce leaves! Give the roots a rinse, and then soak in water for fifteen minutes before you plant them out. The sooner you can get them in the ground, the better.

Plant them 30cm apart

If planting into a raised bed, directly into the ground or in a planter, space them 30cm apart. Be sure to dig in plenty of compost before planting as they will do best in rich, fertile soil. Alternatively, plant individually in 20cm pots.

  1. Level the compost and dig a hole that is a little deeper and wider than the roots
  2. Pop the plant in, being careful to level it so that the crown is above soil level and not partially buried, but that the roots are below the soil)
  3. Fill in with compost/soil and firm in well.

Foliage & Flowers will come through in spring

You can expect to see the foliage and flowers beginning to come through in spring. At this point, you’d hope that bees will arrive to do the work of pollination. Your work, in the meantime, is simply making sure that the plants get enough water and are kept weed-free. Once the flowers have been pollinated, fruits will begin to form. It is sensible to net the plants at this stage to protect them from birds. Once they ripen, you can harvest and eat them (no need to wait until the 2nd year as some will advise – just enjoy them!)