Plants should start to bounce back now…

For those who planted in April/May, you may have some plants that have not been thriving, like these peas which have a purple tinge. With warmer weather, things should start to get better…


Discoloured Pea Plants?

Peas, mangetout and sugarsnap may well have turned a bit purple – if this is the case, the warmer weather and gentler wind should now give them a chance to recover. Water them well, and apply a mulch or liquid feed to give them a boost in nutrients. You should start to see the younger leaves coming through nice and green within a few days.

Sad Beans & Squashes

Beans and Squashes will have struggled with the cold May we had, but the temperatures now should help them. Once again, make sure they are well watered and give them a liquid feed to help them draw nutrients from the soil. With luck, the leaves will start to turn a nice shade of green and they will start to grow much faster.

Sweetcorn with burnt edges?

Sweetcorn will have suffered from cold winds, and this is usually visible from brown edges on leaves. Using a cloche will really help these plants while they are young, and you can expect them to bounce back quite quickly. Once they have some greener growth coming through, remove the cloche. If you haven’t got a cloche, just hang in there a little longer.