Plastic Free Packaging

At Rocket Gardens we’ve always been keen to keep our packaging as eco-friendly as possible. That’s why we’ve used a combination of compostable cardboard and straw to package the bulk of our plants. This year we are going one step further and completely eliminating ALL plastic pots, labels and plastic packaging when we ship our plants!

We’re moving across to biodegradable pots for all of our herbs, fruit plants and veg plants and other bits of plastic packaging are being replaced with compostable materials. We think we are likely to be the first UK mail order plant supplier to become plastic pot and packaging free, which would be fab!

There are loads of benefits to going plastic free:

  • You’ll be able to put ALL packaging on the compost heap, or use it in the garden (as brassica collars, or as a no-dig mulch), or recycle it.
  • The new way of packaging our plants will mean that the plants will be even better protected when they are in transit.
  • We expect to significantly speed up our deliveries by using this new packaging, so you’ll be able to get your garden on the go nice and quickly and enjoy a little more of the growing season.
  • There will be no straw in the boxes – this is very good news for hay fever sufferers!
  • We can all get that feel good factor from knowing we’re doing something that is part of the solution rather than feeling we are contributing to the problem.

ps. We’re still working on the packaging for some of our other products, like gardening equipment. Watch this space though as we are making good progress!