Prepare your plot for potato planting

A well prepared plot will make all the difference to your potato harvest next year. You can get ahead of the game anytime between now and March, ready to plant in April once frosts are (hopefully) a little less intense.

All you need to do is choose where you will grow you potatoes, and ensure the bed is weed free. Then, top the bed up with a generous amount of well rotted manure or good quality compost. You can either dig it in (recommended if you have clay/lumpy soil) or just spread it over the top. Once you’ve added the compost/manure, cover the bed with black polythene or cardboard to protect the soil from frost/snow/hail etc. As winter takes hold, this will keep the soil a bit warmer, and in early spring as the sun comes back again the soil will warm up a little faster, giving your potatoes a better chance at growing. Avoid walking on the bed once you’ve dug it, to keep it nice and loose for planting.