Pretty Tasty Plants for Autumn

Colourful | Edible | Bee-Friendly | Easy-to-Grow

In early autumn, there is still time to squeeze in a couple of months of colour into your kitchen garden. While the weather is still warm, plants will grow fast and provide a flurry of flowers for you and the bees before the first frosts. It’s also worth growing a few herbs in pots on windowsills.

Planting Wildflowers in Autumn

Mid to late September is ideal for planting out wildflower plug plants. Each plug plant will arrive with a cluster of different seedlings emerging, a lucky dip from a wide selection of different varieties. Some of these will quickly flower and re-seed (for next spring), whilst others will get their roots established for next year and then wait out the winter until temperatures rise in spring when they will flower. There will also be several dormant seeds in the plugs and these will germinate early next year.

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