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Plum Tree – Victoria (Bare Rooted)


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Eat fresh or cook up a jam
Victoria Plum Tree is such a popular variety, and for good reason. It is self-fertile, easy to grow, resistant to disease, a reliable cropper and you can enjoy the plums fresh, or turn them into jam or cook in pies. Delicious. Ours are on pixy rootstock which helps to keep the tree fairly compact and suitable for container growing as well as planting into the ground.

Number of plants: 1 bare rooted tree for winter planting (approx 1.5m tall)
Variety: Victoria
Position: Full sun, best grown in soil or large container
Harvesting: Harvest in August

Pruning & Growing Information
(for Novice Fruit Growers)

This plum tree will benefit from a little pruning in spring – a growing guide will be provided with your delivery. It is best planted into the ground but you could plant into a large container as well.

Being self-fertile it can be grown alone without the need for a second plum tree for cross-pollination.

Pruning & Growing Information
(for More Experienced Fruit Growers:)

Root Stock: Pixy
Size: Supplied as a 2 year old bare-rooted ‘bush’ tree (see illustration)
Pollination Group: Self Fertile


Delivery Information: Bare-Rooted Fruit and Strawberry Runners will be shipped in January (and possibly February, depending on weather/availability) for winter planting while the plants are dormant.

Bare-Rooted Fruit and Strawberry Runners will be shipped in January for winter planting.