Marvel of 4 seasons

Marvel of Four Seasons Lettuce


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With its beautiful colour, this is a stunning addition to your winter veg garden
It will cope with any conditions that the UK throws at it! It’s a very pretty, tasty lettuce that should be harvestable before Christmas if mild, especially if grown under a cloche or fleece.

Number of plants: 10

Variety: Marvel of Four Seasons (organic*)

Can be grown in: Pots and containers, grow bags, raised beds.

In the kitchen: Not only does it look great, but this deep red and pale green butterhead lettuce makes a colourful and flavoursome addition to winter salads.

Ready to harvest: November to April

Delivery: These plants can be delivered from late August until mid/late October.

*Transplants suitable for organic growing.

The right site

They need plenty of sunshine and moisture-retentive soil.

Can be grown in....

Raised beds or pots – they are pretty easy growing!

How far apart?

As a general rule, give them about 15cm space. As always, you should check the instructions on each variety when you receive your baby plants to make sure you give them enough space.

Looking after your plants....

Lettuces and leaves are really very low-maintenance, so you can’t go too wrong.


Watering them

Water well, particularly during dry spells



Keep the weeds down to give them the best chance

Storage Tips

We really recommend picking what you need, when you need it. But they will keep in the fridge for a coupleof days.

Ways to cook

It’s not all about salads, although freshly cut lettuce from the garden is one of the best things about summer salads! You can try making summer soups with wilted lettuce, pea and mint. And a lot of leaves are great in stir fries.