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Family Favourites Year Round Veg Patch

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Popular veggies to grow and harvest all year round.

This is such a good way to keep growing throughout the seasons so that you have a constant supply of homegrown veggies for Sunday roasts, simple stir fries and all sorts of other family meals!

You’ll receive three deliveries across the year, in Spring, Summer and Autumn. Each delivery contains lots of baby plants for you to simply pop into the veg patch so that you can grow and harvest your own veggies all year round. You can start at any time of the year.

Deliveries: You will receive 3 separate deliveries across the year, in May, June and September. You can begin at any time.

Space required: Approximately 8m2

Can be grown in: A mixture of raised beds, grow bags, pots and containers.

Please note: The contents of this garden may vary slightly depending upon the season.

*Transplants suitable for organic growing.