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Bianco Avorio Cardoon


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A great source of nectar for bees and other beneficial insects
This is the perfect perennial vegetable to grow in your herbaceous border as it can grow up to 1.8m tall. A relation to the Globe Artichoke, this plant produces a very attractive purple flower with beautiful leaves. It also provides a great source of nectar for bees and other beneficial insects.

Number of plants: 5

Variety: Bianco Avorio

Can be grown in: Large pots and containers, grow bags, raised beds and herbaceous borders. Find out more about growing Cardoon Bianco Avorio in our growing guide below.

In the kitchen: Unlike the artichoke, you eat the stems of cardoons, not the flowerheads. Peel away the outer layer to get to the good stuff, and then use your cardoons as a quirky alternative for dipping into your dips and hummus.

Can be delivered from: late April to July. These plants will arrive bare-rooted with an approximate height of 10-20cm.