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Flat Leaf Parsley (Autumn)

(3 Plants)


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Nutritious and tasty
Also known as Italian parsley, flat leaf parsley has dark green leaves and a pungent, sweet flavour. Harvest it as needed, but fairly regularly so that the plants keep sprouting new stems. Autumn is an ideal time to plant to maximise use of leaves before it goes to seed next summer.

Number of plants: 3

Variety: Flat Leaf (organic*)

Can be grown in: Pots are ideal for growing parsley.

In the kitchen: Parsley is such a wonderful versatile and nutritious herb with its clean flavour demanding no restraint on use. It can be a main ingredient in everything from salads to smoothies. Parsley keeps its bright colour and flavour even when pureed. Make it the base of your next pesto, sauce, soup or shower it over meats and seafood to brighten up your dish.