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Lettuce – Freckles

(10 Plug Plants)

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Easy to grow, decorative and delicious
Freckles is easy to grow from our lovely young plug plants. It is heat tolerant, crisp and bolt resistant. Freckles is unlike any romaine lettuce you will see. It has bright green leaves that look like someone splattered painted burgundy spots all over them! A lovely variety. Growing lettuces from plug plants is easy – you can grow them in pots or beds – just follow the instructions in the growing guide that you will receive with your plants.

Number of plants: 10 plug plants

Variety: Freckles (organic*)

In the kitchen: The best salads often have lettuce as their base to give you background flavours and plenty of crunch. The next time you make a Caesar salad use Freckles and create your own work of art.

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