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Red Onion – Red Baron

(20 Plug Plants)

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A must have in the kitchen garden
This onion variety will produce firm, flattish-round bulbs with dark purple skin and red-tinged flesh. You can expect to harvest in late summer – if you dry the skins well (by drying in the sun for several days) the onions will store well. Try planting your onion plants next to carrots as this will help to deter carrot fly from the carrots. Growing onions from plug plants is just as easy as growing onions from sets. A full growing guide is provided with the plants.

Number of plants: 20 plug plants

Variety: Red Baron (organic)

In the kitchen: Onions are endlessly versatile and an essential ingredient in countless recipes. Red onions are an attractive, milder, sweeter alternative to the yellow onion. Good for salads, marinades, salsas and roasts.