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Kohl Rabi – Delicacy Purple

(10 Plug Plants)

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An unusual addition to the vegetable garden

Although popular in Europe, Kohl Rabi is not that common a vegetable in the UK. It tastes like a cross between a broccoli stalk and a turnip. Kohl Rabi ‘Delicacy Purple’ is an early maturing purple variety with round shaped stems and good quality, delicate flesh. Harvest once the diameter reaches about 10cm. It is quite easy to grow, and full instructions are included with the plug plants.

Number of plants: 10 plug plants

Variety: Delicacy Purple (organic*)

In the kitchen: Kohl Rabi is a super tasty addition when grated into coleslaw or salads. Also yummy when roasted, steamed or stir-fried.

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