Money-Saving Veg Plants to Grow at Home

If you’re looking for ways to cut back on your food bills, then growing your own vegetables is a good place to start. Below are some of the better money-saving plants that will give you regular and generous harvests and help to save a little on the weekly shop.

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  • Cavolo Nero – Nero di Toscano (Black Kale)

    (10 Plug Plants)

    An easy to grow, decorative and healthy kale plant

    This Italian kale has beautiful dark green leaves and looks really striking in the vegetable patch when it’s fully grown. In fact, many people choose to plant it in borders for exactly that reason. It’s easy to grow (easier than many other brassicas) and will provide you with leaves for several months. The plug plants will arrive with a complete growing guide full of planting advice and tips.

    Number of plants: 10 plug plants

    Variety: Nero di Toscana (organic*)

    In the kitchen: Add Cavolo Nero kale stews, steam it, fry it up with a little garlic butter.

  • Cucumber – Marketmore

    (3 Plug Plants)

    Easy, delicious and decorative
    Cucumber plants look beautiful when growing and can be grown by even the most inexperienced gardener. This variety produces thick dark green fruits which can reach 20cm in length. They are quite spiny, so you’ll need to peel them before eating. Cucumber plants are easy to grow from plug plants – best planted in a greenhouse, or in a sunny, sheltered spot in your garden. Full growing information is provided with the plants.

    Number of plants: 3 plug plants

    Variety: Marketmore (organic*)

    In the kitchen: Cucumbers are delicious in salads, a welcome addition to gin and tonic, and lovely with yoghurt and mint. Also great for dipping in hummus and dips.

  • Purple Sprouting Broccoli – Early

    (10 Plug Plants)

    Easy to grow, beautiful colour and fantastic flavour

    An extremely healthy and tasty vegetable that is so much more flavoursome when harvested and eaten fresh from your own garden. This variety is great to plant in spring/summer for a harvest between February and May, when there’s not much else to harvest! Growing from our plug plants is very easy – just pop them in your veg plot when your plants arrive and keep them well watered – a complete growing guide is provided with every plant delivery.

    Number of plants: 10 plug plant

    Variety: Early (organic*)

    In the kitchen: Packed full of flavour when lightly steamed, stir-fried or boiled in just a few minutes so that the florets become tender. Drizzle with melted butter and lemon juice to make a delicious side dish.

  • Rainbow Chard – Bright Lights

    (10 Plug Plants)

    Colourful, nutrient-rich and delicious

    Rainbow chard will bring a pleasing punch of colour to your veg patch during the colder months. It is a flavoursome and nutrient-rich plant that will produce leaves throughout the seasons. Simply cut off the bigger, outer leaves at the base and more will keep growing. It is easy to grow rainbow chard from plug plants – just plant in raised beds or large containers and follow the growing guide that is provided with the plants.

    Number of plants: 10 plug plants

    Variety: Bright Lights (organic*)

    In the kitchen: The leaves are lovely wilted with a bit of garlic butter, and the stalks are great chopped up and thrown into paellas and risottos.

  • Spinach – Perpetual

    (10 Plug Plants)

    A fantastically versatile nutrient-rich plant
    Producing tasty leaves for you throughout the seasons, as perpetual spinach grows you can simply cut the bigger outer leaves off at the base and it’ll keep producing more and more. As long as the slugs and caterpillars don’t get to it, it’ll carry on for ages. Perpetual spinach is very easy to grow from our organic plug plants – suitable for pots and beds, and will grow well in sun or partial shade. Full growing instructions come with the plants.

    Number of plants: 10 plug plants

    Variety: Perpetual (organic*)

    In the kitchen: You can either cook the spinach leaves making a delicious addition to a wide range of dishes, use the baby leaves in salads or add to smoothies or juice.

  • Tomato – Gardeners Delight

    (5 Plug Plants)

    If you only grow one variety of tomato then Gardener’s Delight should be the one.

    An easy to grow, large cherry tomato. The fruits are small but the taste is sweet and amazing. Growing your own tomatoes is very easy from plug plants. They are best grown in a greenhouse or polytunnel, but you can plant them in a sunny, sheltered spot from late May once the weather is warmer. Full growing guide comes with the plug plants to make growing your tomatoes easy, even if you are completely new to growing your own vegetables!

    Number of plants: 5 plug plants

    Variety: Gardener’s Delight (organic*)

    In the kitchen: Chop up and throw in a handful of fresh basil leaves, a drizzle of olive oil and in an instant, you’ll have a delicious summer salad. These are delicious eaten raw, roasted or cooked in Mediterranean dishes.

  • Wild Rocket

    Wild Rocket

    (10 Plug Plants)

    Easy to grow, full of flavour and plentiful

    This is one of our favourite vegetable plants to grow. Keep it well watered, and plant it in a slightly shady spot. The taste is phenomenal compared to shop bought rocket and it just keeps cropping for months. Cut the outer leaves off as they reach the desired size. Simple. Growing wild rocket from our plug plants is easy – just follow the instructions in the growing guide that is provided with your plants when they arrive.

    Number of plants: 10 organic plug plants

    Variety: Wild Rocket (organic*)

    In the kitchen: With its peppery flavoured leaves it is delicious used in salads. Sprinkle over pizzas and pasta dishes too for a little kick.

  • Courgette – Genovese

    (3 Plug Plants)

    A compact variety of pale skinned courgettes

    With pale, mottled light green skin, these courgettes tend to start cropping a little earlier in the season (if the weather is good, of course!) It is a bush variety so will not take up too much space – great for pots! Courgettes are very easy to grow using plug plants – just follow the advice in the growing guide that comes with the plants.

    Number of plants: 3 plug plants

    Variety: Genovese (organic*)

    In the kitchen: Courgettes are a wonderfully versatile vegetable – they can be used in stir-fries, soups, casseroles, salads, pasta dishes, pickled, the list goes on. You can even cook the flower: try stuffing with herbs and cream cheese and frying it lightly.

  • Lettuce – Lollo Biondi

    (10 Plug Plants)

    Tender cut and come again lettuce leaves
    One of the prettiest lime-green varieties of multi leaf lettuces. It is the shiny-green sister of Lollo Rosso. This variety has extremely frizzy, crinkled and compact leaves. Growing lettuces from plug plants is incredibly easy – just plant up in beds or pots and keep them well watered and protected from slugs. Complete growing guide comes with the plants which are delivered in plastic-free packaging.

    Number of plants: 10 plug plants

    Variety: Lollo Biondi (organic*)

    In the kitchen: The best salads have lettuce as their base to give you background flavours and plenty of crunch.

  • Lettuce – Lollo Rossa

    (10 Plug Plants)

    This wonderful looking lettuce is a must in any kitchen garden
    Lollo Rossa lettuce forms tight frilly maroon heads. You can wait and harvest the whole plant, or pick a few leaves here and there as needed. It is very easy to grow lettuces from plug plants – just pop them in the ground, or in pots or a window box, and keep them well watered. A full growing guide is provided with the plants.

    Number of plants: 10 plug plants

    Variety: Lollo Rossa (organic*)

    In the kitchen: Use this lettuce to bulk up salads and add a splash of colour.

  • Quick Growing Salad Collection

    (90 Plug Plants)

    Cut and come again salad to enjoy all summer
    If you are keen to begin harvesting tasty salads in just a couple of weeks after planting, then this easy to grow little pack of cut-and-come-again salad plug plants is perfect. The plug plants are so easy to grow, just pop them in the ground, water well and keep protected from slugs. Suitable for growing in pots or beds, and will do well in light shade. All our vegetable plug plants are delivered in plastic-free packaging and come with a complete growing guide.

    You’ll receive various different salad plants, with 3 types of lettuce, as well as spinach, rocket, mizuna, mustard leaves, chard and beetroot.

    Number of plants: 90 plug plants

    Space required: An area approx 120cm x 150cm

    In the kitchen: Pick a few leaves from each plant to make your own mixed salad and ditch the supermarket salad bags this summer.

  • Sugar Snap Peas

    (10 Plug Plants)

    You’ll eat all the pods straight from your garden!
    These plants are so easy to grow and will produce loads of sugar snap pea pods. They’ll grow to approximately 1.5m tall and will need some kind of support to climb (we often grow them up a chicken wire fence or trellis.) You can plant them fairly close together, at 10cm so they don’t take up a lot of space. They are very easy to grow from plug plants, just follow the advice in the growing guide provided with the plants.

    Number of plants: 10 plug plants

    In the kitchen: Sweet, crunchy, and delicious raw or try steaming them lightly or stir-frying with other vegetables.

  • uchikikuriwintersquash

    Winter Squash – Uchiki Kuri

    (3 Plug Plants)

    Very early to ripen – great for UK growing! 
    A lovely looking winter squash, each plant forms three to five small pumpkin-like fruits averaging 1.5kg. The fruits are an intense orange/red colour with golden flesh and have a sweet nutty flavour. We really love this variety – it is very pretty, and a popular one amongst foodies and chefs. It ripens early making it a safe bet if you’re planting late, or if autumn comes sooner in your neck of the woods. Winter Squash is easy to grow using plug plants and full growing guide is provided with the plants.

    Number of plants: 3 plug plants

    Variety: Uchiki Kuri (organic*)

    In the kitchen: For a simple and delicious side dish, try roasting this squash with garlic cloves and seasoning. Also brilliant and tasty in soups.

  • French Climbing Bean – Blue Lake

    (10 Plug Plants)

    Easy to grow, decorative, and deliciously tasty
    This variety of bean plant produces stringless, green pods. The beans inside are pure white and can be used as haricot beans at the end of the season. The plants can reach up to 1.5m in height and will need to climb a support. French Beans are easy to grow from plug plants, just plant in beds or large containers in a sunny vegetable plot or garden. Full planting and growing instructions are provided with the plants.

    Number of plants: 10 plug plants

    Variety: Blue Lake (organic)

    In the kitchen: Great steamed with a drizzle of olive oil. Slightly sweeter in flavour than other French Beans