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  • pinkcurrant


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    Pretty in pink with a wonderful scent
    This is a very old French variety producing beautiful translucent pink currants that have a wonderful scent and are bursting with sweet, juicy flavour. Fruits ripen from mid July.

    Number of plants: 1

    Variety: Gloire de Sablon

    Can be grown in: Dig a good sized hole and pop your plant in just below ground level and cover with soil. Can be grown in pots initially, however you will need to increase the pot size as the plant begins to establish itself.

    In the kitchen: Perfect berries for preserves and summery desserts. One of our favourites is a lovely pink currant and meringue pie!

    Can be delivered from: Late April onwards. This plant will arrive in 2 litre pot. We will also include a handy grow guide packed full of advice to help you look after your new plant.