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Whitecurrant – White Versailles (Potted)

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Deliciously sweet whitecurrants

This is a very popular whitecurrant variety because it produces heavy crops and the currants are usually very sweet (they are naturally sweeter than other currants, they just need the sunshine to sweeten them up!) It is a bushy variety, which makes it easy for pruning – you can just cut back old wood and any weak shoots – and you don’t need to train it. Whitecurrants will do well grown in a large container (do this gradually, by re-potting every two or three years to a container a little larger than the one before) or in the ground but be sure to dig in plenty of compost or well-rotted manure before planting.

You’ll receive a growing guide with your plants.

Number of plants: 1 (3 litre biodegradable pot)

Variety: White Versailles

In the kitchen: This harvested berry is delicious in summery puddings, used for making jams or even freezing.

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