Turnip & Swede

Our organic veg plug plants are dispatched from late April/early May through to August. Please see FAQs for up-to-date delivery info.

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  • Offer! Sweetbell Turnip

    Turnip – Sweetbell

    (10 Plants)

    Easy to grow and deliciously tasty
    This fast growing root vegetable with its purple topped roots and succulent white flesh, has an exquisite flavour with exceptionally sweet, firm and crisp texture.

    Number of plants: 10

    Variety: Sweetbell (organic*)

    In the kitchen: Try grated raw into salads, added to casseroles, stir-fries or served as a separate vegetable completely.

    Delivery Info: Available to order now for delivery in Spring/Summer 2021. Please see FAQs for up-to-date delivery info.

    Planting advice: Plant 30-40cm apart. Protect from slugs, butterflies and pigeons.

    Harvesting: You should be able to see the root forming in late summer/autumn. Harvest when it reaches the right size.

    *Transplants suitable for organic growing.