Quick growing crops for those going away

If you’re planning to be away for a few weeks in the summer (lucky you!), here are some quick growing crops that you can enjoy before you go!

  • Chard & Spinach – start harvesting outer leaves 3-4 weeks after planting
  • Beetroot – should be ready approx 8 weeks after planting, so early/mid July is a safe bet
  • Peas – usually among the earliest croppers, you’ll probably be harvesting them in early July.
  • Wild Rocket – use as a cut & come again, harvest from 3-4 weeks after planting
  • Mizuna – as above
  • Lettuces – as above
  • Spring Onions – ready to harvest in just a few weeks
  • Turnip – 5-6 weeks after planting
  • New potatoes – plant now and you should be able to harvest them just before you go away!