Rats running riot in the compost pile?

This mild winter seems to have been a good season for rats, and other rodents, as our Rocket Gardener (and her dog, who is apparently quite a good ratter) have discovered. Here are some of our suggestions for keeping populations down in your compost bins, which they love to reside in, assuming you don’t have a rat-obsessed terrier like hers!

  1. Put a couple of layers of chicken wire at the base of your dalek-style compost bins to (hopefully!) prevent them from coming in from beneath.
  2. Turn compost piles regularly – rats don’t like to be disturbed
  3. Once turned, the rats will disperse. Soak your compost pile thoroughly…it’ll dissuade them from returning!
  4. Keep food sources in the garden to a minimum – Clear up fallen bird feed from the ground in the garden, and if you have hens, keep runs clean and take up feeders over night.
  5. Watch out if adding kitchen waste to the compost pile… eggshells etc are a firm favourite with rats! You may find it less rat-enticing to use a wormery for veg peelings, tea bags and coffee grounds from the kitchen