Ready, steady, hoe…!

Keeping weeds at bay is one of the most important jobs to do on the veg patch. It’s best to keep on top of it on a regular basis to save work later. We’d recommend using a hoe.

‘Hoe do you do that?’ we hear you say. Well, it’s really very easy. You’ll have to do two things to begin with…first, give the area in question a fairly thorough weeding using a fork to loosen roots before you pull them up by hand. This is to get the veg patch to a manageable state. Then, get ready with the hoe. You don’t need to sit by your veg patch 24/7 (only the really hardcore veg growers among us do that) but it is worth checking the plot every couple of days. As soon as you see new and unwanted shoots appearing, you can simply scrape the hoe over the soil. This will uproot them quickly and easily, or at the very least behead them.

It’s always best to hoe on a dry sunny day. Not only is it abundantly more enjoyable than doing it on a rainy day, but it is also much more effective. The uprooted weeds will dry out and die in the sunshine leaving your plot much more weed free in a smaller amount of time. Brilliant.