Salad leaves that’ll add a pop of flavour

For salad lovers, growing some punchy leaves as well as lettuces is an absolute must. Here are some of the tastiest…


We’ve got red mizuna or green mizuna plug plants for you to grow (or both!) – it has a spicy flavour, not quite mustardy but not quite peppery. Somewhere in between, perhaps. But it is delicious and a really welcome addition to leafy salads.

Frills Mustard

This one is a real winner – the delicate wispy leaves can be sprinkled into salads to add a punchy mustard flavour that isn’t too overpowering, and the deep red adds colour too. If you keep cutting it regularly it’ll carry on for months.


For a mild flavour of celery, chopping a few Celtuce leaves into salads works really well. The leaves are fairly lettuce like, but they will grow for a long time without bolting so make a good lettuce substitution for hotter parts (!) of the country.

Red Veined Sorrel

This is a perennial plant, so pop it in a permanent position in your plot (or in pots) as it’ll come back year after year. The younger leaves add a citrus kind of tang to salads, and the leaves look great too with the deep red veins. Very striking and very tasty!