Salvaged Borlotti Beans – Diary of a Rocket Gardener

I thought I’d write a little update on my Borlotti Beans for anyone who might be struggling with the same problem. In a nutshell, my beans got very wet and soggy before I harvested them, and I lost quite a few as they rotted/went mouldy. The others, I podded and had them on trays to dry out.

Here’s the update: I noticed a few more going mouldy, so removed them asap. I also noticed that the trays were gathering condensation/moisture on the surface, so I decided to clean them down, dry them off and then I laid a tea towel on top of the tray before popping the beans back on. Then I placed the trays right in front of the woodburner each evening in the hope that the extra heat would help them dry out more quickly and prevent any more from going mouldy. It worked! I’ve been able to now store a good kilner jar of beans, as they have completely dried out. Phew!! Good luck to anyone else who is trying to salvage some beans!!