The secret to growing successful celeriac


You may have tried growing celeriac before only to be disappointed by its size at harvest time, but we’d urge you to give it another go following these wonderful words of wisdom on growing successful celeriac.

  1. Don’t let the soil dry out! Celeriac loves plenty of moisture and will often do much better during wet summers. Keep the soil nice and moist and you’ll get much better results. Add a mulch for added moisture retention.
  2. Make sure you’ve added plenty of organic matter before planting. Celeriac needs fertile soil to do well in. Dig in well rotted manure or plenty of compost to give it a helping hand.
  3. Don’t plant too deep. Celeriac has shallow roots, and you will see its crown above ground as it grows. When you plant it, make sure the crown of the roots is level with the soil rather than buried underneath.
  4. Make sure it gets full sun. Celeriac needs a lot of sunlight, so be sure to plant in a sunny spot and leave at least 30cm between plants.
  5. Remove side shoots that form off the sides of the crown – you only want leaves and shoots growing at the top of the crown.
  6. Don’t harvest too early. You should be able to harvest any time between October and March. Be patient if they are small as they could still grow a bit over the winter.