Slug free salads!

Well, I am ridiculously delighted to report that it’s been 5 days since I planted out my salad seedlings and there’s not a single evidence of slugs! How amazing is that?! It’s definitely a first for me. I learnt last season that the wool pellets work really well, so this year I maxed out and got a nice big tub of them (which can be easily found online) AND alongside this I put down a few slug traps (the ones that Rocket Gardens sell) filled with beer. The combination of the two things has, so far, worked really well. It’s even survived the test of a couple of quite grizzly drizzly evenings which would normally get a real slug party up and dancing merrily around my veg plot.

One observation is that I’ve used the same combination of wool pellets and slug traps around the base of my climbing bean plants. Unfortunately for these little guys it has not been quite so effective. The reason? Because they are bigger and floppier, meaning that the slugs can occasionally reach the leaves that have lent over and are touching the soil. Moral of the story: get those beans growing upright asap. I have learnt my lesson!