Spring Pre-Orders – How it Works


You’ll spot on our website that we’re now taking pre-orders for spring plants. These will be shipped from late April 2023 onwards. Here’s what to expect if you’re ordering early for next season:

To pre-order, you can place your order between November and March, ahead of the growing season. The order will sit in our system and helps us to work out how many seeds to order in the new year.

Once temperatures begin to rise in the earliest days of spring, we start sowing seeds. Our polytunnels are unheated, so we try to get things off to an early start, as long as it’s not too chilly. Having your pre-order in place means that we have a better idea of quantities to sow.

In March and April, we’ll send you a couple of updates – we’ll let you know what progress is being made in the polytunnels so that you are aware if there are any delays due to snowy temperatures or crop failures.

In late April, we start shipping – we try and ship orders on a first come, first served basis. Of course, this is a little dependent on what you’re ordering, and there may be some plant delays that can affect your delivery. But for the most part, ordering early will mean we can ship early, in late April or early May so that you can make the most of the growing season. We’ll still be sowing more and more seeds each week for those that have ordered later on, and for those who need a few plant top ups over the summer.

By late May, most pre-orders have been shipped – 95% of our pre-orders are shipped by mid to late May (some are delayed due to crop failures, but we will do our best to keep you well informed if this is the case.)