Storing your crops

If you’re harvesting a glorious glut of summer veg from your garden at the moment, then you might be wondering what on earth you’re going to do with everything. These are our recommendations:


Can be left in the ground until you’re ready to cook them:

Simply leave these veggies in the veg patch until you’re ready for them. If it gets particularly cold and frosty or if you need the space, then you can pull them up – the root veg and potatoes will keep well in a hessian sack in a cool, dry place and the leeks will keep in the fridge for a few days.

– Beetroot
– Carrots
– Celeriac
– Leeks
– Parsnip
– Potatoes (cut foliage off as it turns yellow/brown)
– Swede
– Turnips


Good for freezing:

If you have a glut to deal with, then these can be picked when they’re ready and frozen asap.

– Broccoli/Calabrese/Cauliflower (blanched first)
– French Beans (blanched first)
– Mange Tout / Sugar Snap Peas (whole)
– Peas & Broad Beans (podded)
– Runner Beans (blanched first)


Can be left in a cool place:

– Onions & Spring Onions (a few weeks)
– Winter Squash & Pumpkin (will keep for 2-3 months if you sit them on straw out of direct sunlight)
– Tomatoes (a few days)


OK to pop in the fridge for a few days
– Aubergines (4 days)
– Beans (3-4 days)
– Beetroot (2 weeks – remove leaves)
– Broccoli (1 week)
– Cabbages (1-2 weeks)
– Carrots (2 weeks – remove leaves)
– Cauliflower (1 week)
– Celery (1 week)
– Courgettes (4-5 days)
– Cucumber (4-5 days)
– Kale (3-4 days, unwashed in a plastic bag)
– Leeks (1 week)
– Parsnip (1-2 weeks)
– Peppers & Chillies (2 weeks)
– Salad leaves (2-3 days – in a plastic bag, unwashed)
– Spinach & Chard (3 days – in a bag, unwashed)
– Sweetcorn (5 days, but loses its flavour fast. Leave in husks)
– Turnips & Swede (2 weeks – remove leaves)


Other ways to use and preserve your crops:

– Make chutneys and relishes – runner bean chutney, tomato relishes, spiced carrot chutney
– Make pickles – cucumber, beetroot, onion, cabbage, courgette, tomato
– Make & freeze soups, stews and pasta sauces
– Use carrots and beetroot in smoothies
– Make tasty dips & pesto – beetroot hummus, borlotti bean & tahini dip, cucumber raita
– Bake cakes: courgette, carrot, beetroot, parsnip, squash can all be used in cakes