Strawberry Runners…what you need to know


You can either grow strawberries using strawberry runners or strawberry plants. Right now at Rocket Gardens, we’ve got lots of runners for you to choose from.

A strawberry runner is basically a small section of a strawberry root. ¬†These runners are taken from last season’s healthy strawberry plants ¬†(there are 6 varieties available on our website so take your pick!)

When the runners arrive, they will literally look like small pieces of bare root because that’s what they are. All you’ll need to do is plant each runner in a 9cm pot of good quality compost, give them a little watering and pop them indoors on a sunny windowsill or in a greenhouse. Continue to water them every so often so that the compost doesn’t dry out and as spring approaches you’ll start to see a couple of leaves appearing. When all risk of frost is over you can plant them out into their final position, either straight into the ground/raised bed, or into a larger pot or container.

We send you further strawberry growing information with your runners or plants.

Growing strawberries using runners is great as you see the plant grow from the very, very early stages. It’s also a nice indoor activity to do with younger children over the colder months, and keeps them off the iPad for a few minutes!