Tending to Tomatoes in the summer


As we come into the height of summer here are a few tips for getting the best out of your tomatoes.

  1. Apply a liquid feed fortnightly once fruits start to form. This will really help your plants to produce abundant, good sized healthy tomatoes.
  2. Keep them well watered. Consistent watering (avoiding very dry and very wet spells) will really help your tomatoes to stay healthy, helping to prevent problems like blossoms end rot and splitting as well as keeping the leaves healthy and fungus free.
  3. Strip back foliage once you have lots of green tomatoes. You can cut off most of the leaves once your green tomatoes have formed. This will push the plants’ energy into the fruits, and encourage them to ripen well.
  4. Keep pinching out side shoots  (Cordon/Upright varieties) – they will still pop up over the next few weeks, so keep pinching them out!
  5. Pinch out the growing tip once the plant gets too tall. (Cordon/Upright varieties) Head high is about right so that you can easily pick your tomatoes once they’re ripe.