The best potatoes ever!

I have just harvested the first of my potatoes and I have to say they are the best variety I’ve ever grown!  The variety? Pink Fir Apple. This is a shameless plug for this brilliant variety – please add them to your list for next season, you won’t regret it (I should let tell you that I am known in my family as something of a potato expert, I’m always the one caught eating the leftover potatoes after a Sunday Roast, so you can trust my judgment on this matter.)

A heritage breed, these red skinned spuds have the most unusual knobbly (sometimes slightly dodgy looking!) shapes.  In spite of this they are easily washed, and what I love about them is the waxy texture and earthy flavour. I don’t think I’m alone in this either, as I’ve seen them on the menu in several foodie venues here in Cornwall lately… So, give them a go!