The perks of growing from plug plants

For those of you who are new to Rocket Gardens, or new to growing your own food, here are some of the key advantages that you’ll find by using plug plants to get your vegetable garden on the go:

You don’t need to find space for sowing seeds

For many people, space can be a real challenge when it comes to sowing seeds. If you don’t have a greenhouse to use, it tends to come down to windowsills in the home, and that’s not always ideal.

No excess of seedlings to feel guilty about

This may seem silly, but often when you sow your own seeds, you end up with far too many plants and then you feel guilty for not planting them all, or for thinning out the seedlings. It feels like killing precious living things. You don’t need to worry about that when you grow with plug plants. Most of our veg plants come in sets of ten, some in sets of three or five, meaning that you don’t have an excess (and if you do have more than you need, it is easy to give a couple to a friend)

They’re easy to plant

Our plug plants come with a full growing guide which details things like spacing, and how to grow in pots etc. It is very easy to get going, and not feeling overwhelmed is an important ingredient when it comes to learning how to grow food.

It’s quick to get a veg patch going

A delivery of plug plants can usually be planted within a couple of hours, so you’ll have a pretty much instant veg garden on the go.

You can concentrate on other things

While we are doing the job of raising the seedlings, you have plenty of time to focus on getting your plot ready – digging over soil, building wigwams for climbing beans, filling pots with compost.

You don’t have to worry about timings

When the plants arrive, you can plant them outside more or less immediately (and if it’s too cold for planting if you receive plants early in the season, you can ask us to delay your delivery). You won’t need to think about when to sow seeds in order to be able to plant out as soon as frosts are over. It’s very easy. Not much thinking required at all! We do the thinking and planning so that you can do the planting and growing.