The Pros & Cons of No-Dig – Diary of a Rocket Gardener

I think I am coming into my third year of no-dig gardening this spring. I’m not a hard-core no digger, but I am definitely a convert. Here’s my list of pros and cons to help persuade you…


  • You don’t need to water as frequently as soil retains moisture more easily
  • There are fewer weeds to contend with & keeping on top of them is far more manageable
  • You’ll have fewer problems with slugs
  • Less time is needed working in the garden
  • I’ve had more success with some harder-to-grow crops – for me this has included celeriac, brassicas, and carrots.
  • As a general rule, veg plants have looked a little more healthy, with greener leaves
  • Fewer afternoons spent with a sore back from digging!


  • It requires a fair amount of compost, and it’s not always easy to get enough good quality compost for the whole plot whilst on a budget, especially in the first season when you need a bit more than usual.
  • Quite a lot of compost shovelling/wheelbarrowing is required from time to time
  • You don’t get the satisfaction of spending a day digging in the garden!
  • Sometimes it feels like cheating.

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