Tricks of the trade…Keep aphids away

Aphids can be a bit of a pain in the veg patch, but there are various ways of keeping them at bay. These are the three cunning methods that we use.

  1. Plant lots of marigolds and tagetes┬áin and around plants that suffer from aphids (tomatoes and broad beans etc) – this helps to attract ladybirds and lacewings which in turn eat the aphids and keep populations down for you.
  2. Place sticky, yellow things in amongst crops. A vaseline covered yellow bucket balancing upside down on a bamboo cane will work wonders…the aphids are attracted to it and will land on the bucket and get stuck there.
  3. Make a garlic spray – peel some garlic cloves, slice them and boil them in water for 10 mins. Let the water cool before removing the garlic pieces. Add a little organic soap to the garlic water and spray it on vulnerable plants.