The veg patch in August

Here’s the lowdown on what you can expect from the veg patch in August, from pests and diseases, to harvesting and on to autumn planting.

Pests and diseases

August is a month where you need to be a little vigilant…

  1. Caterpillars are rife! Butterflies are laying eggs this month so watch out for caterpillars, particularly on brassicas.
  2. Blight could strike at any time – remove affected leaves as soon as you see them on potatoes or tomatoes.
  3. Powdery Mildew is likely to affect cucumbers, squashes and pumpkins. Remove badly affected leaves to prevent it from spreading, and make sure you water consistently.
  4. Aphids could be a problem so check leaves for this.
  5. Slugs and snails are a persistent pest…set down beer traps, particularly in wet weather.
  6. Rabbits can be a real pain if they suddenly discover your beautiful veggies! Make sure vulnerable veg are protected.
mini year round veg patch

What can I harvest

This is the best month for harvesting, you can get loads out of your veg patch!!

Loads of leaves can be harvested, from spinach and chard to lettuces and rocket. Tomatoes, chillies and peppers should start ripening this month, and you should be able to harvest aubergine and okra too.

Beans and peas will be harvestable this month. Pick them regularly. Summer squash and cucumbers will also be ready this month, but leave winter squash and pumpkins a few months more.

Summer sprouting broccoli will be ready and you may even start to see the first of your cabbages and cauliflowers towards the end of the month.

Beetroot and carrots will be harvestable this month, but other roots need a little longer. Onions and Spring Onions should all be harvested, leeks will need a little longer. Corn may be ready soon – watch out for the tassles turning black.

What can I plant?

Towards the end of the month and into September you can start planting veg to grow over the autumn and winter. There are all sorts of interesting and unusual salad leaves, as well as kales, turnip and broccoli.