Waiting for Plants?

Here’s the lowdown on what to expect if you have already ordered plants with us for this season…

What will the plants look like when they arrive?

Most plants will arrive like those pictured – as small, bare-rooted young plugs with a small stem and some leaves. A few, like parsnips and carrots, will come in bio-pots (and herb and fruit plants come in bio-pots too.)

Are the plants organic?

All our veg plants and herb plants are organic. Other flower plugs and fruit plants are organically grown, but are not certified organic due to non-certification of our seed suppliers. You can be assured we do not use any chemicals or pesticides to grow our plants.

How will they be packaged?

The plants will be carefully packed up in cardboard. In 99% of orders, the plants arrive intact, but we know that occasionally a delivery can be mishandled, or perhaps takes a little longer to deliver than normal. If this is the case and your plants arrive a bit battered, just let us know and we will sort out replacements for you.

How will they be delivered?

We send nearly all our plants by DPD

And most importantly, when will they be sent?

We start dispatching in late April (perhaps a little sooner if this warm weather continues!) – and keep going until all our orders are shipped. We usually manage to get the majority of orders delivered between late April and the end of May. We’ll be emailing all customers in the next week with an update. After that, you can expect an email once your order is scheduled, and another one a few days later when it is dispatched.

Can I plant them out immediately?

As long as temperatures are good (daytime AND nighttime!), there are no frosts and no strong winds, you can plant out. If it is cold, frosty or windy, you are best to either postpone your delivery (which you can do by emailing us as soon as you hear your plants have been scheduled for dispatch) or plant them loosely in a bag of compost in a greenhouse/porch when they arrive until you feel confident to plant them out.