Want to grow your own Christmas Veg next year?

If you didn’t grow any of your own veggies to harvest this Christmas, then make sure you don’t miss out next year. Here’s when you’ll need to plant things in 2018 for a cracking crop.

Potatoes – for a Christmas harvest choose a variety that you can plant in June/July. Maris Peer are usually a good option.

Brussels Sprouts, Cabbages & Cauliflowers – Plant these out in July and be sure to protect them from pigeons and cabbage white butterflies – horticultural fleece is a good bet.

Parsnips & Leeks – these need to start a little earlier so you’ll need to plant them in late April/May (early June at the latest)

Carrots – you can plant these in July or August for Christmas

You may also find a few other veggies, like broccoli, planted in June/July will be ready to harvest at Christmas too. Keep an eye out for our Christmas Dinner Collection which has all the seedlings needed for a delicious Christmas meal…it’ll be available to order next spring/summer!