Warm your beds

It’s such a good idea to start warming the soil in any veg beds at this time of year. It’s so easy to do and the added warmth will help get your veg off to a great start in spring.

All you need to do is cover the beds with black polythene or weed membrane and make sure it’s well secured at the edges. The sun will do the rest of the work for you and the added bonus is that the polythene will suppress weeds giving you a cleaner bed for your plants in spring.

One word of caution though… at this time of year it is very windy and it’s easy for plastic to tear and get blown around if not properly secured.We think the best way is to use long planks of wood to secure it, and be careful to pack it up properly once you’re ready to plant by washing it down and putting it away in a shed somewhere. You can reuse it again next season.