Watch out for slugs & snails at the moment

These guys are doing well at hiding in brassica leaves – the warm, damp weather is just what they enjoy and they seem to be doing more damage than most years.

These are the plants to really check carefully:

  • Kale (hiding in the centre)
  • Brussels Sprouts (hiding in the top part of the plant, and nibbling at the sprouts themselves)
  • Cabbages (they sneak in between the layers of leaves – very annoying!)
  • Pak Choi (they love pak choi – watch out for any slime trails and holes!)
  • Winter Lettuces

Ways to deal with slugs/snails:

  • Beer traps – fill a sunken pot with cheap lager
  • Wool Pellets or Grit/Eggshells – sprinkled around the base of plants
  • Copper Tape around pots
  • Hollowed Citrus Halves – eg oranges/grapefruit
  • Strulch – a treated mulch that you can buy
  • Keep your plot tidy and free from slug hiding places