We’ll be shipping Veg Plants soon

Next week, from April 17th, we hope to start shipping some of the more hardy plants, like leeks, onions, spinach and beetroot. It will then take several weeks for us to ship ALL pre-orders received before mid-April, so please bear with us as we get into our busiest time of year.

How We Ship:

We operate a fairly complicated system to ship orders. This involves working out which orders can be shipped in full and then dispatching those orders on a first come, first served basis – hence, orders placed over the winter will be shipped ahead of orders placed in March and April.

At this stage in the season, we will not be sending part orders, only orders that can be completely fulfilled. For example, if you’ve ordered tomatoes, peppers, leeks and onions, we won’t be shipping your order yet because we are waiting on the tomatoes and peppers.

It Takes a While to Ship Pre-Orders:

We have been taking pre-orders since November, and there are several thousand orders for us to dispatch. This happens over the next few weeks, with more and more orders being shipped as plants become available and our team work as hard as they can to carefully pack the plants as quickly as possible and do their very best to get plants sent at rocket speed.

We’ll Email You When Your Order is Scheduled for Dispatch:

You’ll receive an email from us as soon as we schedule your order for dispatch – this will give you the heads up that your plants are due to be sent soon so that you can get your plot ready. At this point, you can decide to ask us to delay your plants by dropping us an email, but please do so at least 24 hours ahead of their expected shipping date. (All these details will be in the email)

If Your Order Comes Early:

It’s still very early in the season, and we’ll only be shipping a few select plants that are mature enough to be sent, and also tough enough to be planted this early in the season. If your order is among the first dispatched, you’ll need to assess weather conditions and decide whether or not to plant out and protect with a cloche/fleece, or to plant temporarily undercover.