What’s the point of weeding empty beds?

If you have one or two beds that you won’t be using over the next few months it is still wise to weed them thoroughly, and cover them. There are a few reasons why…

  1. Slugs and other pests are experts at hiding out amongst the weeds, and it’s better not to encourage them to make their permanent homes in your veg beds if you can help it. That’s why we would always recommend making sure that unused beds are kept weed free over the winter. You’ll have fewer problems next spring (it won’t completely combat the problem mind you!)
  2. Some persistent weeds will become even more persistent once they get a chance to put their roots down further. Others will multiply. It’s better to keep on top of things and it’ll make your job much easier next spring.
  3. Weeds will use up lots of nutrients from the soil that are better off being saved for your precious veggies. You’ll get better crops that way.