When can I harvest my broccoli? Diary of a Rocket Gardener

Purple Sprouting Broccoli

I’m sure that in previous years I started harvesting my autumn-planted purple sprouting broccoli by now, but perhaps my memory is letting me down! I planted mine out in September, but they are still quite small plants, only about 30cm tall and nowhere even close to harvesting yet. The misleading picture above is of one I was growing in the summer – I’m afraid I couldn’t face the rain for a picture of my current broccoli plants!!

Thinking back to the summer months, when I would normally plant purple sprouting broccoli out in May, and start harvesting in August – 4 months of long, warm days – I suppose I am being a little ambitious hoping to have started harvesting already from plants that didn’t get planted out until September, given the low levels of sunlight and the cooler temperatures. They probably just need a bit more warmth and some more sunshine. I’m going to leave them in, and I’m pretty sure that they will start sprouting as spring comes. They’ll probably have a ¬†little growth spurt in a few weeks, and I have to say, I already feel quite smug about the idea of harvesting purple sprouting broccoli at the same times getting my veg patch ready for planting. Can’t wait!