When & how to prune raspberries

Most gardeners will prune autumn fruitingĀ raspberries in February. This article explains how, and also takes a look at summer fruiting raspberries and their pruning schedule as there is a quick job worth doing in February for them, too!

Autumn Fruiting Raspberries:

Autumn fruiting raspberries should be pruned at the end of winter, February is ideal. You should cut all the canes back down to ground level at this stage. This job is best done before new growth appears, which might be early this year on account of the milder than normal winter.

Summer Fruiting Raspberries:

Summer fruiting raspberries should be pruned after harvesting, in autumn:

  1. Cut any canes that bore fruit right back down to the ground.
  2. Then choose the healthiest looking from the remaining stems, about 6 or 7 of them, and tie them to the supports.
  3. Cut any other remaining stems back to ground level.

In February, it is worth checking your summer raspberries – if there are some canes that are growing taller than your support wire, then prune them back to the bud closest to the wire (eg a bud that is 5cm-10cm from the top of the support wire)

Is your plant autumn or summer fruiting?

If you have forgotten which your plant is – here you go:

Autumn varieties: Autumn Bliss | All Gold

Summer varieties: Tulameen | Malling Jewel | Ruby Beauty