When to sow broad bean seeds

If you’re growing one of our Small or Large Autumn (or Year Round) Veg Patches, you will have received some broad bean seeds with your delivery.

These are best sown in a raised bed, in a sunny place that is out of the wind. You can sow them either in October or November, or in February/March. We’d suggest sowing half now (October/November) and half later (February/March), as this will extend the cropping time. If you do this, be sure to keep the seeds in their paper envelope in a cool, dry place until you’re ready to sow the second half.

Push the seeds 5cm deep into the soil, in rows, 40cm apart both ways. They will germinate in early spring, and at this point you can place a 1m long bamboo cane next to each plant so that you can tie them in as they grow taller.

If you expect mice to be a problem, it is worth covering the soil with mesh netting and securing it down once you’ve sown the seeds. The light will still get through, but it should be enough to prevent mice from scrabbling to get to the seeds!