Which strawberries are best to grow?

We have three different varieties for you to choose from, which will produce fruit at different times during the season.

It’s a great idea to grow a few different varieties as this will give you a longer lasting crop (have a look at our Strawberries through the Season collection). However, if you live up in the northern parts of the UK, you might prefer to choose Symphony which is a Scottish bred variety. For those who want to get into jam making, Honeoye is a good option. For those growing in pots, Cambridge Favourite will do well.

The choice is yours – Here’s the lowdown:


  • Early season variety, crops from June to early July
  • Produces larger fruits
  • Good for making jam
  • Heavy cropper

Cambridge Favourite

  • Mid-season variety, crops from mid June to mid July
  • Does well in pots
  • Produces medium sized fruits
  • Very resilient, and resistant to most diseases
  • Reliable cropper


  • Late-season variety, crops from late June to late July
  • Bred in Scotland – well suited to northern areas
  • Produces medium/large sized fruits
  • Good for pots and hanging baskets
  • Good resistance to mildew and tolerant of damper conditions